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The Future Pathways program builds relationships between Indigenous role models and high school students in the Connected North network to deliver advice, expertise and guidance. Future Pathways hires Indigenous role models from post-secondary institutions across Canada to become Connected North Indigenous Leaders to help create avenues for success. It is our hope that with these relationships in place before students attend post-secondary institutions, they will be able to seamlessly transition from the pathways that have been built.

We thank RBC Foundation for their continued support in the creation of this innovative, inclusive program.

Future Pathways Student Navigator

Connected North Future Pathways Navigator is a platform for youth across the North to access support for their transition to post-secondary. Tips, tools, resources and video testimonials have been carefully curated as a result of focus groups and outreach by Connected North’s vast network of Indigenous Role Models with the aim of offering easily navigable and highly practical advice from one youth to another.

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Future Pathways Fireside Chat

Future Pathways: Fireside Chats is a video series in which Indigenous role models share their messages of hope, resilience, and perseverance. They highlight lessons from their support systems, career choices, and personal choices that have paved the path to where they are today. The aim of these videos is to instill a positive sense of well-being that will allow Indigenous students within the Connected North network to navigate their future paths through relationships, life, school and career. These videos are recorded and available for youth to access in and out of school.

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Future Pathways

In the Future Pathways program, Indigenous role models deliver 30-60 minute interactive sessions with students in our Connected North network. These sessions vary from choosing a post secondary institution, leaving home, importance of education, entrepreneurship, letting go of fear, culture and identity, as well as art and music. These sessions aim to help students start thinking about post-secondary, entrepreneurship, and what life looks like after high school. It is our hope that by speaking with Indigenous role models, it can help students transition into the next phase of their lives.

If you are looking to become an Indigenous role model, please email: [email protected]


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